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EXCITING NEWS FOR DENTURE-WEARERS: The Lock-Tight Denture makes loose teeth a thing of the past!

As we grow older, our mouths change naturally. Bone and gum ridges recede and shrink, and change the alignment of our teeth and jaws. For many of us, this affects the fit of our dentures and ultimately, our health.

Loose dentures rub against our gums and tongue and cause sores and infections. In some cases, these irritations can develop into seroius health problems. Loose dentures also prevent us from chewing our food properly. This can cause indigestion, stomach craps, constipation, gas, and even malnutrition.

Fortunately, an exciting new procedure allows for a more comfortable and secure fit.

The Lock-Tight Denture utilizes Mini-Dental Implants in combination with a specially-reinforced material (kevlar) to lock-in and stabilize dentures. The Lock-Tight Denture offers freedom from sticky, goopy denture pastes and powders and provides the most comfortable denture fit, ever!

What's more, the entire procedure is performed in just over an hour and requires no incisions, stitches, or recovery time. In fact, many patients are able to eat lunch shortly afterward!

People with the Lock-Tight Denture report feeling more comfortable and confident in their dentures. They say they're able to eat better and are more secure talking and laughing in social settings.

If you're fed up with loose, uncomfortable dentures or if you simply want to enjoy food and smile more frequently, the Lock-Tight Denture may be the right for you!

Call 1-888-41-TIGHT and schedule a FREE consultation with Lock-Tight founder, Dr. Steven Cohen, today!